Forrest Dampener and Stiffener 5”

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The Forrest Sawblade Dampener helps kill saw scream-whistle from a vibrating blade surface. It will dampen out motor and belt vibrations from being transmitted up to the rim of the teeth, greatly reducing cutting noise. The dampener will hold your blade rigid and true for better cuts on any saw. The dampener is hardened and precision ground flat within .001" to keep your blade true. It can be removed quickly if need requires.

Normally best results are obtained by selecting one stiffener 1/2 to 2/3 the sawblade diameter and mounting it against the outside of the sawblade; (a 10" blade uses a 5" stiffener).

Be sure any bumps, scratches or burrs on the saw blade are stoned flat for dust-free, metal-to-metal contact between the stiffener and saw blade.

Mount with normal arbor nut and washer. Not for Chop Saws.

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Country of Manufacture United States