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Flat Bar Pre-Sale

flat bar

Woodpeckers Flat Bars are not a stock item. A short production run is planned for orders received by Monday 7/24/17. No future runs planned at this time.

Using straight, wooden boards to keep glued up panels flat during clamping is a time tested technique to counter act the warping caused by bar and pipe clamps. Woodpeckers Flat Bars accomplish this task better than any two pieces of wood.

Woodpeckers Flat Bars are machined from heavy-duty, 1 x 1-1/4 solid aluminum bars which can withstand enormous forces without distortion. They're ideal for keeping panel sections flat and aligned as glue sets. Their anodized surface eliminates the risk of rust stains on the work piece. In fact because they made from aluminum, the can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

One set of Flat Bars consists of a top and a bottom. The bottom bar has two protruding threaded rods while the top has machined slots in each end. The starting slot is longer than the other, thus allowing installation of the upper bar without having to completely remove either clamp knob.

For this pre-sale we will be manufacturing two sizes, 24 and 36. Those dimensions represent the widest panel that can be clamped. The 36 has a second clamping location at 24.

Woodpeckers Flat Bars are not a stock item. We plan on machining them for delivery by the end of August. No additional production runs are planned at this time. Order deadline is Monday 7/24/17.

Credit Card Policy. Please note if you're paying by credit card, you will not be charged until your order is ready to ship . However Paypal and other payment services may charge you at the time the order is placed.



24" Flat Bar Set
Will ship by late August 2017.


36" Flat Bar Set
Will ship by late August 2017.