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Extension Wing Router Table Premium Package - 45"

Put a fully equipped router table package between the rails of your table saw. This package bundles our 45" x 27" Extension Wing Router Table with Miter Track with our patented V-2 Router Lift, versatile Super Fence, precision Micro Adjust, and the new Downdraft Dust Cabinet. You’ll be ready for most any router table project imaginable and save some money in the process.
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Product Image Product Name Qty
Table Saw Extension Wing Router Table - 45" Table 420 SKU: TSPRP-45-420
Fits 4.2" router motors like PC 7518/7519.
This item typically ships within two weeks.

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Table Saw Extension Wing Router Table - 45" Table 414 SKU: TSPRP-45-414
Fits 4.14" router motors like Milwaukee 5625.

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Table Saw Extension Wing Router Table - 45" Table 350 SKU: TSPRP-45-350
Fits 3.5" router motors like PC 690/890.
This item typically ships within two weeks.

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Bundled with the Extension Wing Router Table are the following:

V-2 Precision Router Lift Adjusting the depth of cut or changing bits in a table mounted router no longer requires crawling under the table or muscling a router plate out of the table. Woodpeckers V-2 Precision Router Lift goes from lowest to highest setting in less than 2 seconds. In the V-2, almost every router on the market travels far enough up to enable bit changes with standard wrenches from the top of the table. Gross adjustments take just seconds with the lift wrench and fine adjustments can be feathered in with a thumbwheel that is just inches from the bit…right where you hand sits when you’re eyeballing the bit’s height.

Super Fence The base plate and vertical faces of Woodpeckers Super Fence are made from our exclusive Super Track. This versatile 7-track extrusion is carefully made to be very flat and very straight. The fixtures that attach the vertical fence surfaces to the base are machined in our facility to exacting tolerances and designed with accuracy as the primary mission. You’ll feel it as you assemble the components for the first time. Everything fits and feels just right, every step of the way, from the adjustable fence opening to the parallel travel of the offset feature, to the MDF sub-fences.

Micro Adjust Sneak your Super Fence right up to the perfect setting with the Micro Adjust. It mounts to the back of your Super Fence and locks in the same track. Just lock the Micro Adjust with the Super Fence clamps still loose and you can dial in your perfect fit.

Downdraft Dust Cabinet Keep your router cool, clean and running smooth while also eliminating the chips that escape the rear fence dust port. Four-inch dust port connects to standard flex hose or rigid duct. Built-in blast gate maintains dust collector efficiency when router table is not in use. Full-width door with magnetic catch provides easy access to your router.


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Country of Manufacture United States
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