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European Ballpoint Pen Kit

Sometimes the classic design of the European pen is all you need to show off the best blank material. Uses Cross style refills. These high quality pens provide the best plating and mechanism for the longest life of the kit. The kits use Letter J or 7mm drill bits. The two blank kit turns easily and assembly is a breeze, but a little different than most pens. Please read carefully.
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Pen Makers Drill Bit Letter J (7mm) SKU: ND-37260
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European Pen Replacement Brass Tubes 5-pair SKU: 220205
(Recommended for Pen Kit #220178 and 220179)

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European Ballpoint Pen Turners Bushings SKU: 220244
(Recommended for Pen Kit #220178 and 220179)

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European 7mm Ballpoint Pen – 24KT Gold SKU: 220179

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Seam Ripper Kit

Upgrade Gold
All gold plating used on these pen kits is 24K "upgrade gold". Upgrade means that the parts are plated using the rack method and that small amounts of cobalt or palladium are added to the plating chemicals. This enhances the durability of the gold plating. The tumbled method, which is not used on the kits we sell, produces an inferior gold plating and is less costly.

This is an extremely durable plating. Under normal use this plating should hold up for many years.

Titanium Gold
This method produces the most durable plating. This process is called PVD (particle vapor deposition). Titanium nitride matched to the color of the gold is molecularly bonded to the part and then 24K gold is bonded (sputtered) on the part to achieve a color match other gold parts on the kits. The parts are again re-plated after this. The final result is that the parts will virtually never wear. The manufacturer we use pioneered this process for writing instruments and are not aware of another company currently using this exact process.

This is a very durable hard plating. The manufacturer uses real platinum rather then rhodium and it should be expected to hold up under normal use for many years.

Black Titanium
Titanium oxide is molecularly bonded (PVD) to the parts. This plating is unbelievably hard and durable. It will last for many, many years.


More Information
Country of Manufacture Taiwan, Province of China
Product Manual Ultra-Shear_Gold-Top-European-7mm_Pen-Kit_Instructions_REV050420.pdf

Seam Ripper Kit

  • Drill Bit Size – Letter J or 7mm
  • Bushings - 220248
  • Repl Tubes (5-pack) – 220205
  • Instructions - See Additional Information Tab