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Shelf Pin Jig


shelf pin jig

Drilling shelf pin holes has never been easier. Whether you want to use your router, a self-centering bit or even a standard brad point drill (requires optional drill guide), the new Woodpeckers Shelf Pin Jig does it all.

This new woodworking tool has features that allow you to take whatever approach you need in creating accurately spaced, cleanly bored parallel rows of shelf pin holes.

shelf pin jig

The rails are counter bored from one side to accommodate self-centering drill bits like those available from Snappy. Flip the rail over and use any 3/8 diameter template guide bushing with a plunger router and spiral router bit to create crisp, clean, flat bottom holes.

A third floating rail is there to support your router and keep it from tipping. The clamps are also unique. They actually elevate the board up off the work bench and clamp evenly from both edges. No more cupping or chipping of plywood edges.

Two different versions are available; one with holes spaced every inch and a metric version with holes spaced every 32mm.

The Woodpeckers Shelf Pin Jig works on boards up to 14 wide.

drill guide

The optional drill guide is also available.

drill guide

Download Shelf Pin Jig Instruction Manual

Product Weight
Retail price
Shelf Pin Jig Inch
9 lbs
Shelf Pin Jig 32mm
9 lbs
WP Drill Guide 1/4 Bore 1 Spacing 1/4 Projection
1 lb
WP Drill Guide 5MM Bore 32MM Spacing 1/4 Projection
1 lb

flip stop
The stop flips back to the scale, for perfect alignment to inch markings.

1 inch flip stops
Used in a series, the 1 Flip Stop provides a quick method to index several holes or cuts.

t track
Works with most ¼ T-Track.