Dado Master

dado master

Can you imagine trying to cut a perfectly sharp dado in the thinnest veneer plywood, against the grain, without tear out? You don't have to imagine anymore, with Ridge Carbide's 8 Dado Master, you'll accomplish that plus more.

This American made dado blade set is razor sharp with perfectly formed right and left slitting blades and hefty flat ground chippers.

There are a handful of top-notch stack dados on the market that generally sell for between $160 and $270. Only one, the most expensive one compares to the Dado Master.

If you're undertaking a cabinet or book case project that demands the cleanest dado cuts, we highly recommend this quality tool.

Set includes (4) 1/8, (1) 1/16, (1) 3/32 Chippers, a shim set and instructions. (5/8 Arbor. Fits most 10 table saws.)

Made in U.S.A. by Ridge Carbide.


right and left slitters
Perfectly formed right and left slitters with steep angle grinds for razor sharp performance.

carbide cutting tips
Hefty carbide cutting tips on precision thicknessed chipper bodies.

(4) 1/8" Chippers
(1) 1/16" Chipper
(1) 3/32" Chipper
(5) .005" Shims


8" Ridge Carbide Stack Dado