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Carpenter Triangle

At 3.45 minutes into the video, you will see the Precision Carpenters
Triangle being used to set up the Festool MFT table.

precision triangle

Woodpeckers Precision Carpenters Triangle is not only the ideal tool for laying out cut lines for woodworking and carpentry projects; it's also the preferred setup tool for Festool MFT (multifunction table) owners. Its large size and thickness make it perfect for squaring up the saw guide and other accessories of the MFT.

Both the 12 and 18 triangles are carefully machined from 1/4" thick precision-ground aluminum jig and fixture plate. Each triangle is carefully machined with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, finished by hand and inspected in a custom-made granite inspection station. All of this ensures a perfect 90-degree angle, straight, perpendicular edges and squareness better than .001 per foot!

The base of the triangle has a foot that can hook on the edge of a work piece, so you confidently scribe or mark lines perpendicular to or at 45 degrees to that edge. You can also remove the foot if you want the triangle to lay flat, as you would when you're setting your table saw blade to the miter gauge.

Our Precision Carpenters Triangles are special, made-to-order items that haven't been available in over two years. With the growing popularity of the Festool MFT and frequent requests for the Carpenters Triangle, we decided to schedule another run for this coming September. We'll be machining both the 12- and 18-inch versions engraved with either inch (1/16 grad) or metric scales (1mm grad). They can be ordered with or without wall mountable MDF cases.

Deadline to order yours is Monday July 22nd. Delivery scheduled for late October, 2013. (As always, you will not be charged until the order is ready to ship - except Paypal).

Made in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.


Removable foot hooks on the board's edge to square up parts.


Available with or without a wall mountable case.