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Boeshield Bit and Blade Cleaner, Rust Preventer and Rust Free

boeshield bit and blade cleaner

Your shop tools are a major investment that will last for generations with proper maintenance. However, rust and residue buildup can make them useless in months. Here's how to maintain and protect them.

BLADE & BIT - Removes resin, gum and pitch from saw blades, drill bits, tool tops, etc. Spray on, wait 60-90 seconds and wipe off.

RUST FREE - Removes rust and stains from any surface including cast iron and steel. Spray on, wait 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and wipe off. For light rust or fingerprints spray on a rag and wipe off.

BOESHIELD T-9® - Rust prevention and lubrication from Boeing Aviation®. Spray on saw tables and all tools. Wipe off for thin-film lubrication, or let dry for storage protection. Contains no silicone or Teflon, will not pick up on wood.


Suggested Uses:

Saw Table Tops

Drill Press


Planer Joiner

Saw Blades

Hand Tools

Radial Arms

Drill Bits

...and More
Boeshield T-9 Rust Preventer
12oz. aerosol

Blade and Bit Cleaner

Rust Free 8oz pump