Bessey 3/4” H-Style Pipe Clamps - 4 Pack


Every shop should have these H-Style pipe clamps from Bessey.  The H-shaped ends make it easy to balance and raise your clamps and workpiece on and over your work surface.  Each end has a padded clamping surface to virtually eliminate any possibility of marring the material you are clamping.

This item typically ships within two weeks.

The extra tall cast jaws on these Bessey H-Style pipe clamps makes turning the clamping handle very easy.  No more busting your knuckles as you will have plenty of clearance!  The clutch plates provide a reliable way to ensure your clamp is gripping with no slipping on the pipe!

These are a fantastic alternative to bar clamps as you are only limited by the length of 3/4” black steel pipe you choose to attach these clamps to!

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Country of Manufacture China