Accessories for the Multi-Router Woodworking Joinery Machine

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Multi-Task with the Woodpeckers Multi-Router!

The Multi-Router is recognized as one of the best precision woodworking & router tools in the industry. Within seconds, create mortises, tenons, box joints, dovetails and angled joinery. The Multi-Router is faster, more accurate and has better control than any other router tool on the market today. One of the Multi-Router’s greatest features is the precision-machined template system. Choose from a variety of templates to guide the ball-bearing stylus on tracks. All the templates have perfectly square shoulders with no beveled edges. By allowing the ball-bearing stylus to follow a precise template, human error is virtually eliminated! Besides this popular router tool, we offer many Multi-Router accessories as well.

Create exact fittings for drawers and boxes through the Dovetail Templates. Use the 3/4in template set for larger furniture work like chests. Keep your joinery fitting tight with the Tenon Templates. Choose from 14 sizes, each with three versions: on-dimension, -0.010 inch and -0.020 inch. Make your own stand or mount your Multi-Router on the durable Woodpeckers Machine Stand. Our Machine Stand is constructed from 14-gauge steel and is the perfect operating height; this convenient routing tool can be put together in minutes and includes the needed hardware to attach the Multi-Router. Woodworkers can adjust the height of your router bits with the Pro-Scale Digital Measuring System for routers. Choose from fractional inches, decimal inches or metric measurements and get a more accurate height setting every time. This router accessory is sealed at both the sensor & display ends to withstand dust penetration!

The Multi-Router produces quality work with its multiple functions. Don’t miss out on the advantages this routing tool offers your woodshop! See other woodworking accessories and routing tools that complement the Multi-Router too, like Amana Tools Router Bits and PC-1 Pneumatic Clamps.