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Whiteside Mini Raised Panel Bits & Mini Stile and Rail Cutters


Ideal for smaller projects like smaller doors, jewelry boxes, humidors or any sort of small furniture, the Whiteside Miniature Raised Panel Bits are the perfect fit. Available in both Cove and Ogee profiles, they leave a reduced profile to better suit those smaller sized jobs.

Don't forget to pick up a matching set of Miniature Rail and Stile cutters to go with these Panel Raisers. When working with the Mini Rail and Stile cutters, you will set the bit depth to leave yourself a 5/32 thick tongue. This will result in only a 3/8 panel reveal once assembled! These work great with 7/16 - 3/4" thick stock.

Carbide Tipped with 1/2" Shank. Made in the U.S.A.

raised panel profiles

stile & rail profiles