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Whiteside 6-pc Incra Joinery Bit Set - 1/4" Shank

joinery incra bit set

This set of Made in U.S.A., industrial grade Whiteside Router Bits is the perfect collection for making the most popular joints in the Incra Master Reference Guide and Template Library. This ¼ shank set is different from the ½ shank set in that it includes three different dovetails. Two smaller ones, the ¼ and 3/8 dovetails are very useful for creating smaller drawers like those in a jewelry box.

A third bit the, 17/32 Dovetail works with the same templates as a ½ 14 Degree but allows a slightly deeper depth of cut which creates a better looking regular or double dovetail.

All bits in this set are designed to work with the Incra Jig Ultra, UltraLite, LS, Twin Linear and TS Joinery Systems.

These bits feature a radial relief grind for a more durable cutting edge. Although this technique is a more expensive grinding method then the common flat grind, it produces a sturdier, smoother cutting tool which is important when using dovetail and straight bits.

All bits in the D101 set are 1/4 shank with a mix of solid carbide and carbide tipped with tool steel bodies.


radial grinding
Radial grind improves cutting performance of bit.

7.5 degree dovetail bit
1/4" 7.5 Degree Dovetail. Solid Carbide. #4D7525

9 degree dovetail bit
3/8 9 Degree Dovetail. Carbide Tipped. #4D9372

14 degree dovetail bit
1/2" 14 Degree Dovetail. Carbide Tipped. #4D14-50

17/32 x 14 degree dovetail bit
17/32 x 14 Degree Dovetail. Carbide Tipped. #4D14531. Unique alternative to 1/2 14 Degree bit. Allows for deeper depth of cut, stronger, better looking joint.

1/4 inch straight bit
1/4" Straight Bit. Carbide Tipped. #41013

3/8 inch straight bit
3/8 Straight Bit. Carbide Tipped.#41022



Whiteside 6-Pc Joinery Bit Set 1/4" shank

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