Incra Jig Ultra Router System

incra jig ultra router system

Since its first appearance in woodworking shops around the globe, INCRA JIG has quickly established itself as the finest and most versatile woodworking system available. The Incra Jig Ultra is the third generation of positioner to utilize the patented incremental rack concept found only on genuine Incra products.

At the top of the Incra Jig Ultra list of innovations has always been its unparalleled positioning accuracy. As a fence system, its amazing precision allows precise fence placement to within a few thousandths of an inch. As a joint making machine these same positioning capabilities permit an endless variety of box joints, half blind and through dovetails to be created.

Pre-programmed templates make it all easy. Just set the jig to the color coded reference marks and make your cuts. No math, no measurements, and no complicated setups necessary. With Incra's patented positioning racks there is never any question about your cut being exactly right.

And with decorative joints like the exquisite Incra Double Dovetail, Incra Jig made the impossible quiet possible. Designed for all levels of woodworkers, the Incra Jig Ultra will quickly elevate any woodworkers skill, craftsmanship and mastery of intricate joinery with just basic inch scale reading skills. By combining Incra’s patented incremental racks and simple template system, you’ll be making perfectly fitting box joints and dovetails in a matter of hours. Need a dado exactly 15 31/32" from a boards edge, no problem. The Ultra does that to, with a positioning accuracy of .001" along its entire 16" range. Need to nudge the fence a “hair”, the built in Micro-Adjust knob enables you to fine-tune the fence position in marked intervals of .001". Want to stop a cut before the end of a work piece, Incra’s patented incremental stop can be positioned anywhere along the 28" fence with the same .001" repeatability of the Ultra itself.

Joints – box joints, half blind, sliding, and through dovetails, even spectacular joints like the INCRA Double Dovetail and the Double-Double Box joint.

Accuracy – the Ultra's patented sawtooth positioning racks instantly locate each cut exactly where you want it with an accuracy of one to two thousandths of an inch.

Repeatability – you can make a cut at any position, move the fence away, and then come back two minutes or two weeks later and duplicate that cut to within a thousandth of an inch.

Micro Adjustability – a simple turn of the vernier dial fine tunes your position with precision.

Available in 16" or 24" – order below or call us at 1-800-752-0725.

In a nutshell, there isn't a single routing function that isn't easier, faster and more accurate then using an Incra Jig.

Click to download manual. (Incra Jig Ultra Manual-1MB)

incra racks
Patented Incremental Racks.

Four available template positions
Four available template positions.

joinery fence
28" joinery
fence (1" opening).

Micro adjustable fence
Micro adjustable fence.

incra stop
Patented incremental
Incra Stop.

extender bar and stop
28" Extender bar
and auxiliary stop.

box joints and dovetails
Easily make beautiful
Box Joints and Dovetails.

dovetail and box joint templates
This system includes (50) Dovetail & Box Joint Templates and Master Reference Guide.