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Uncle Earl's Soap for Machinists

uncle earl's soap

If you do any kind of woodwork, remodeling or machine work, you need this stuff. Yes I know, why soap? Simple, during the process of machining all Woodpeckers tools, we get dry, cracked skin. This is as common with woodworkers as machinists.

When we started using Uncle Earl's Soap for Machinists, we quickly realized that it does what it says. It not only cleans away dirt and grease, it also coats the skin with a protective layer to minimize further damage from the harsh conditions typical found in workshops.


  • Easily removes shop grease, oils and grime.
  • Moisturizers protect skin from shop chemicals, skin-drying wood chips and grime.
  • One 3-1/2 ounce bar out lasts a gallon of liquid hand soap.
  • Made with all natural ingredients.
  • No more need for gritty cleaners.
  • No need to use liquid gloves or barrier creams.



Uncle Earl's Soap 3-Bars / pack

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