Special Saddle Squares

saddle squares

In spite of the best laid plans of mice and machinists, about a year ago we managed to make a whole bunch of Saddle Squares 3/4" narrower than what we intended. So instead of making them 3-1/2” wide, we ended up with an entire batch only 2-3/4” wide. Not that it made a difference in the tools functionality or usefulness, we still had to start over and make new ones the right size.

That left us with an inventory of “special” 2-3/4” wide Saddle Squares that we're now offering for sale on a first-come, first-served basis at a discount from the full size versions.

We don't intend to remake this tool so orders are limited to supplies on hand. Sorry, no back orders.

Woodpeckers Saddle Squares give you an edge on precise layout.

Precise, tight-fitting joinery begins with exacting layout work. Most of us woodworkers learn the hard way that even the width of a pencil line can lead to tenon shoulders that are slightly off or a miter joint with a visible gap. Whether you are cutting joints with hand or power tools, errors often originate when the layout line on the face of the workpiece isn't accurately extended along an adjacent edge.

Woodpeckers Saddle Squares are designed to eliminate common layout errors that can often lead to inaccurate joinery. Whenever your layout marks need to extend not just along the face of a workpiece but also along adjacent edges and faces, our saddle squares make it easy to turn the corner with your pencil and extend perpendicular lines that are perfectly aligned.

These special 90-degree Saddle Squares come in two different sizes, 2-3/4” wide with 2-1/2” or 6” blade lengths with metric or inch scales engraved along the edges.

To really appreciate how these two layout tools pay for themselves by saving time and ensuring accurate layout, take on a typical assignment: Transferring a square layout line from one side of a board to the other. With a saddle square, you mark the top side and one edge without moving the square; then simply flip the board over and repeat. Now try doing the same thing with a combination square. It takes twice as long, and there's no guarantee that edge and face layout lines will meet precisely.

If you already own other squares from Woodpeckers you know the care and quality that goes into all of our tools. Each square is CNC machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, hand finished, anodized and carefully engraved. Tolerances are kept at least within a thousandth of an inch. No, we didn't invent saddle squares. But Woodpeckers Saddle Squares take this workshop workhorse to an entirely new level of quality and versatility. Made in U.S.A.

These special 2-3/4” wide Saddle Squares are limited to supplies on-hand and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Sorry, no backorders.


saddle squares
Available in two sizes, 2-3/4” wide by 2-1/2” long and...

saddle square
2-3/4” wide by 6” long with…

Inch or…

Metric scales.