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Sometimes, we come across tools, supplies or accessories that we think woodworkers would like but aren't available in sufficient quantities to stock on a regular basis. You will find them on this page at a substantial savings. Also, when we are closing out a product, we will offer the remaining inventory at a discount on this page. All specials are new.

When a tool gets scratched or nicked during production or is returned for replacement, the item is completely gone over and made 100% functional but won't be cosmetically new. These products are offered on this page as refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty. If you decide it isn't what you expected, return it for a refund of the purchase price. (Shipping cost is not refunded).

As Is
Every once in a while a product will be offered “As Is”. The description will offer more details.

This page is updated frequently so check back often.


Whiteside Mini Raised Panel Bits & Mini Stile and Rail Cutters - CLOSE OUT

Quantities Limited...no phone orders accepted.

Ideal for smaller projects like smaller doors, jewelry boxes, humidors or any sort of small furniture, the Whiteside Miniature Raised Panel Bits are the perfect fit.
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Whiteside Vertical Panel Bits - CLOSE OUT

Quantities Limited...no phone orders accepted.
These American made, carbide tipped cutters do a wonderful job both with and across the grain.
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special_RT2432-PH 27 x 43 Phenolic Router Table - Refurbished
$349.99 $279.99 Sale!
(add Plate or Lift for special price at checkout)
Quantities Limited, no phone orders.


Red Only - Quantities Limited...no phone orders accepted.

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.9mm Mechanical Pencil U.S.A.

Close out - quantities limited!
American made - .9mm. Smaller .325" diameter round barrel. Fits Woodpeckers T-Squares and other Woodpeckers brand measuring and layout tools. Does not fit Incra Rules. Spare erasers and lead sold separately.