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Incra ShopSTOP Fence

shopstop fence

What’s behind the incremental capabilities of Incra’s ShopSTOP fence, patented incremental racks. Like all genuine Incra tools, the Incra ShopSTOP fence contain patented incremental racks giving you absolutely repeatable accuracy of .001” every 1/32”.

The ShopSTOP fence can be used with many miter gauges, miter saws, chop saws, radial arm saws and even drill press tables. It can be attached directly to the face of a miter gauge or the front of a wooden fence. Alternatively, we also offer a Universal Adapter Bracket, which gives you the added advantage of lateral adjustability after installation.

Two brackets are typically required for each piece of ShopSTOP Fence. Bracket includes screws, T-Slot bolts and brass knobs.


Patented incremental racks are what make the ShopSTOP Fence work.

The Incra ShopSTOP also contains Incra’s patented incremental racks. This stop is both expandable and micro-adjustable.

teeth in back of fence
Here you can see how the ShopSTOP indexes to the teeth in the back of the fence.

universal adapter bracket
The Universal Adapter Bracket simplifies installation of the ShopSTOP Fence for miter, chop or radial arm saw installation. Includes hardware.

36" ShopStop Fence
Incra products may take up to 2 weeks for shipment.

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Incra ShopSTOP
This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment.


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