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Remote Digital Readout

remote readout

Ideal for Router Lifts, the Wixey Remote Digital Readout is a kit that can be adapted to a number of woodworking machines, including router lifts, router tables, and shapers. It has a remote display connected with a 3 ft. cord that can be disconnected for easy installation and access.

The easy to install kit requires drilling 1 or 2 small holes in your machine using the drill bit supplied. Mounting hardware is included. Works with all Woodpecker Lifts.

remote readout

The large easy to read display reads in inches with fractions or millimeters. The fractions are displayed using “Precise Fraction Technology” which gives you 4 times the accuracy of other fraction readouts.

The decimal inches are displayed in .001” increments and the millimeters in .05mm increments. Also fits router lifts made by Jessem, Jointech, and others. Now uses AAA Batteries for up to 2 years of battery life!

Wixey Remote Digital Readout

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