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Woodpeckers’ Program That’s Unique Among Tool Manufacturers

Here’s How It Works. For each new OneTIME Tool, we make a few samples and photograph it. We then offer it for sale for just a few weeks. After the order window closes, we prepare for a single production run and make only enough to fill the orders. When the tools ship, we retire it from our product line.

How Can We Do This? Like virtually all our tools, OneTIME Tools are made one at a time. They are not cast in expensive molds or stamped out by the thousands. Components (often made from solid pieces of aluminum or stainless steel) are machined individually on state-of-the-art CNC equipment in our shop near Cleveland, Ohio. Although the production process may seem unusual by industry standards, it's by far the best way to release a steady flow of good tools; tools that woodworkers can use and enjoy, tools that otherwise might never be made at all.

Since 2011, we’ve produced over 75 different OneTIME Tools. You can see them below. You’ll also see in the top row the one or two tools now available for order. Check them out! If you see one you like that’s retired, click here to be notified if we do another run.

Get New OneTIME Tool Notifications. Currently, a new OneTIME Tool is offered every few weeks. The best way to be informed about upcoming tools is to receive notifications by email. We call this our Eclub. Just click the button below to get on the list.


trusquare step gauge trammel 12 in1
parallel guide system marking gauge gauge block workholding kit
anglesquare dado setup stainless squares df500
6ss corner jig polygauge delve
setup blocks ultimate drilling jig framing square dowel press
blade gauge 45 90 triangle paolini rule bevel gauge
center gauge triangle bar gauge track square
hook rules caliper vise shims saddle t
pocket compass delvu square corner jig odd job
mft square gap gauge straddle square parallel guide system
df500 set up blocks paolini precision framing square
angle gauge carpenters square t square
mt doweling jig lumber rule bar gauge Angle Reference Plate
mt center gauge planer gauge mtxl corner jig
pocket compas triangle square 640 850 square
paolini pocket rule bench rule mini gap gauge standard gap gauge
straddle square srubby gauge marking gauge aluminum stainless steel marking gauge
45 degree saddle 90 degree saddle corner jig center finder
framing square fibonacci clamping cauls 1 pc t square
setup block set thickness gauge winding stick pythagoras
paolini rule straight edge rule bevel gauge angle reference plate
bar gauge mallet saddle t square bench rule
setup blocks miter master-1 miter master trammel
carpenter square 26" precision square 49" rule quick jig
604 square blade gauge saddle t square rabbet gauge
dovetail marking gauge saddle square 45 t square ott survey



Let Us Know
If there's enough demand, we may re-run some of these tools. If you're interested, please click here to leave us your comments. Thanks.