3 d square

M.POWER's innovative 3D try square & marking gauge is a genuine improvement to a centuries old tool. It combines a conventional try-square, saddle square and parallel scribe in one tool. The laser engraved steel blade is nine inches long with both inch and metric graduations.

A cleverly stored bevel gauge that remains in the cast aluminum handle also doubles to support the square in a hands-free mode making positioning much easier and safer.

The bevel gauge can be locked at the desired angle so it can be consistently transferred to multiple pieces. The handle has a flared face allowing for simultaneous positioning on two perpendicular surfaces thus increasing marking accuracy.

An adjustable pencil holder can be secured anywhere along the blades length adding a scribing feature to this already versatile tool. Angle accuracy is 1/100 th of a degree making it as precise as many engineer squares.

Made in England.


3d square

3d square

M-Power 3D Square

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