Mini Coping Sled

mini coping sled

mini coping sled

Woodpeckers Mini-Coping Sled maximizes control and precision when making intricate cuts.

Let's face it: Making coped cuts on the router table can be a white knuckle experience. This essential cabinetmaking operation requires you to remove a lot of material in a single pass and cut across the grain to boot. If you can't hold the workpiece perpendicular to the fence while applying firm feed pressure, you'll be creating kindling instead of cabinet parts.

Woodpeckers new Mini-Coping Sled is designed to take the stress and strain out of this challenging router table operation. Our sled is deceptively simple, strong and exceptionally effective. The 6” by 11” base is made from a precisely machined blank of 3/4”-thick phenolic –a broad, rigid platform for anchoring the workpiece. But instead of being mounted on top of the phenolic base, the workpiece is held captive beneath it, locked in place by a self-aligning jaw with a non-slip grip surface.

We think you'll agree that allowing the workpiece to ride directly on the router table is a stroke of jig-making genius. The table surface and the workpiece reference surface are one and the same, making it quick and easy to adjust bit height precisely. You'll also appreciate the fact that you won't need to extend the shank of the bit far above the collet, or use a collet extension. These setups are sometimes necessary when the workpiece has to be mounted on top of a sled-type jig, and they can increase the potential for chatter during the cut.

After trying out other coping sleds that are designed to ride in the router table's miter slot, we decided that it's better for a coping sled to be guided by the router table's fence. With a fence-guided sled, you can concentrate your feed pressure where it counts the most –toward the bit and fence. The clear polycarbonate fence guide is straight, rigid and over 17” long for rock-solid registration against the router table fence. The fence guide doubles as a bit guard –another nice feature.

All you need to bring to the table when you use our mini-coping sled is a sacrificial backer board, which is recommended to prevent tearout. With a 3/4”-wide sacrificial backer, the coping sled can handle workpieces up to 4-5/8” wide.

Woodpeckers Mini Coping Sled couldn't be easier to use. Once you've set your bit height and positioned the router table fence, set the sled over your workpiece and backer board. Slide the sled and wood up against the router table fence and make sure the sled's fence guide is also in contact with the fence. Clamp the workpiece securely by sliding the self-aligning jaw (with its attached handle) against the wood and tightening the handle. A non-slip grit surface on the jaw ensures the workpiece stays in place during routing.

Grab the pair of tapered handles and your hands will be positioned right where you want them, symmetrically on both sides of the workpiece. Control, precision, and time savings too. That's what a great jig is supposed to do.

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Woodpeckers Mini Coping Sled
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