MFT Bench Pegs

bench peg

bench peg

Do you own a Festool MFT System? If you do, you already know how useful this “Multi-Function” table is. The one thing missing is bench dogs for those 20mm holes.

Bench dogs are of course useful as temporary stops for hand planing operations but can also be helpful when used in conjunction with the TS55 Track Saw and Guide Rail.

That's why we made a limited supply of these round, Delrin “Bench Pegs” (not dogs). Why round? While most traditional bench dogs are rectangular, a round shape works better when a single point of contact is preferred such as when aligning a rail along two points.

As for Delrin, which is a brand name for a low friction, highly machinable polymer which although quite strong, won't chip your plane blade should it come in accidental contact with the peg.

So between the Bench Peg's round shape and choice of material, we think you'll find it to be a welcome addition to your Festool MFT system.

Available in three lengths, 5mm, 10mm and 25.4mm. Sold in packs of (4). Quantities limited to supplies on hand. Sorry, no back orders.



Available with a 20mm stem and in three different heights including 5mm...



25.4 mm

and 25.4mm