Woodpeckers LE Router Fence

le router fence
32 LE Fence with 3 x 16 sub fences.

32 LE Fence with 6 x 16 sub fences.

Without a doubt, turning your router upside down and dropping it in a table is the best way to get the most from your router. You'll gain more control and a better view of what you're doing. Next you'll need a fence. A fence guides your work in a straight line, sets the amount of material to remove and can serve as a dust collection point.

The Woodpeckers LE Router Table Fence carries out those tasks simply, effectively and without getting overly complicated. The router fence attaches to slots or T-Track spaced 17 apart. There is no table size limitation when mounted this way.

The LE Router Fence is made of 5/16 thick extruded aluminum with numerous machined features like mounting and adjustment slots, leveling screw holes and provisions for the included dust port. Each router fence includes two melamine coated MDF zero-clearance fences which not only have engraved scales for setting bit height and stops, but are also perfect for routing to the bit profile to eliminate tear-out.

The LE Router Table Fence is available in 22 or 32 lengths. The 22 comes standard with 3 tall wooden sub fences. The 32 is available with either 3 or 6 sub fences. The 6 style has an embedded T-track for attachment of feather boards.

The best place to collect wood chips is right where they're created. The dust port and housing mounted to the LE Fence allows for connection of a 2-1/4 or 2-1/2 vacuum hose. To aid proper air flow and chip evacuation, the end caps have slots to help wash chips up and out of the routing area.

Made in U.S.A.


dust port
Built in dust port.

air flow slots
Air flow slots improves dust collection.

Two steel shims included for offset routing.

thumb screws
Thumb screws for squaring fence.

attach to slots
22 and 32 attach to slots or T-Track.

bit guard
Includes reversable bit guard and pair of sub-fences.

router bit opening
4 Router bit opening.

sub fence
6 sub-fences available for use with feather boards.