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grip tite

If you've ever experienced kick back while ripping stock, you know how scary and dangerous it can be. The typical cause is the material getting caught be the back edge of the blade because of movement while sawing. This problem is easily controlled by the Grip-Tite.

The Grip-Tite feather board is a block solid tool that delivers a serious level of holding power to your cast iron saw top while simultaneously pressing your material down and in, against the fence. Its powerful embedded magnet employs steel sides to direct all the holding force against the steel surface.

Each Grip-Tite has two polycarbonate side fins and one hold down fin. They're very simple to set up; with your material in place against the fence and the saw shut off and unplugged, position the Grip-Tite so the side fin contacts the side of the board. You should feel resistance when pushing stock through the cut.

Once in place, position the hold down fin on top and within an inch or two from the outside edge.

That's it. Now you're ready to rip, safely, with smoother and straighter cuts.

Grip-Tite's can also be attached directly to your fence. Separate steel faces are available for non-metallic rip fences.

And one last thing, if your material is particularly vulnerable to scarring, optional grip rollers are available to replace the side fins.

If your fence isn't steel, we also offer certain steel face plates.

Click here for a demo video of the Grip-Tite.


control rip
Even one helps to control rip cuts.

grip tite pair
A pair is perfect to hold stock down and in.

super grip
Double them up on the fence for super grip.

Roller is great for reducing friction.

roller guide kit
Roller guide kit sold separately.

lexan replacement
Lexan replacements available.

steel plates
Accessory steel plates available for your fence.


Grip-Tite Magnetic Feather Board (ea)

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Replacement Lexan Feather Boards
Replacements are only available in white at this time.


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Grip-Tite Roller Guides

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Steel Fence Plate 36 x 4

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