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Bessey Vari-angle Strap Clamp

strap clamp

Whether you need to repair a chair, fix a frame or clamp four corners all at the same time, Bessey's Variable Angle Strap Clamp adapts to whatever situation you need.

Each corner block is fitted with clamp pads which literally pivot to match up with the surface it's clamping against. This reduces the risk of marking your material while automatically adjusting to whatever angle your miters are cut to. Simply brilliant.

The Bessey high performance VAS-23 Variable Angle Strap Clamp is more functional and convenient than ordinary generic strap clamps.

Corner clip with Vario-Angle swivel pads - clamps any and all angles from 60 to180 . Four clips are included with the clamp.

strap clamp


23 ft. polyester strap - woven like a seat belt, up to 1,100 lbs. tensile strength with minimal stretch.

Easy-to-use strap lock mechanism releases and locks strap around awkward or large assemblies.

Strap winder - stores strap tangle free and out from under foot. Crank can be mounted on either side for left or right hand rewinding.

Dual Tightening Mechanism. Geared rewind mechanism - for precise adjustment - tightens strap evenly from both sides for distortion-free clamping.

Torque Handle - ergonomic design for comfort and easy application of maximum pressure.

We are offering these as a pre-sale only.  You can place your order now through 3/10/15.  We expect to ship these clamps 3/24/15.  

These are being sold in CASE QUANTITIES.  3 clamps come in one case.


Bessey 23' Capacity Strap Clamp (3 CLAMPS)
Scheduled to ship 3/24/15.