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Bessey Mighty Mini Steel Clamp
bessey mini steel clamp

This little clamp does the work of a 1”, 2” or 3” C-clamp… but does it 9X faster! The MightyMini's steel sliding-arm moves to position itself right next to your work-piece to support the Acme threaded screw.

By comparison, when you need to clamp a 1” piece with a 3” C-clamp, the screw is supported 2” away. That leads to material that “walks”, screws that bend or break. The Bessey MightMini Steel Clamp solves this problem by sliding the screw head right up to the work piece for maximum support and rigidity.

Bessey makes a number of different one-piece steel body sliding arm clamps. This one isn't the more common F-Style with a zinc die-cast arm. Instead both the body and arm are made from steel giving you more strength and stiffness.