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Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

The new K Body® REVO™ Parallel Clamp is a powerful tool designed where 90 degree, high pressure clamping or powerful spreading is required. This re-designed K Body® clamp offers 30% more clamping surface and 25% more clamping force. With its new design, the REVO™ also offers a new end rail clip, rail protection and many accessories.

revo vario

Large flat parallel clamping surface (30% larger than the previous version) made of impact and break resistant polyamide comes with 3 replaceable pressure caps that are glue, paint and grease resistant. Internal frame ensures accurate 90° angles; very sturdy even at maximum pressure.

revo clamps

New larger, more comfortable handle – High quality 2-component composite handle with soft plastic insert for comfort while working. Rail protection pieces made of impact resistant polyamide elevate workpiece from the rail ... can also be fixed to the workbench with the TK-6 accessory.

Removable tail-piece ensures clamp sits parallel to the rail and can easily be removed to reverse sliding arm for use as a spreader. The hole allows for the clamp to be fixed to a workbench.

revo pivoting jaws
Optional accessories like the REVO Pivoting Jaws slip effortlessly onto the jaws of the new K Body REVO to create clamping optimized for irregular shapes.

k body extender
Another useful accessory is the K Body Extender. This option effectively doubles the capacity of your clamp.


k body revo

k body revo vario